Back Pain


Back pain will effect eight out of 10 people  in their lifetime, and it’s one of the main reasons that patients seek the help of a chiropractor. Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation’s Chiropractors in St. George, UT are here to assist you on the road to recovery from  low back and chronic back pain and more. Chiropractic care can help help treat those experiencing pain and bring relief to patients without the harmful effects of drugs or surgery. Call us today at 435-656-0234.

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Videos about Back Pain & Chiropractic Care

Our pain specialists include Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Primary Care Doctors, Pain Management Physicians and Spine Surgeons. Whatever the spine condition is, we have a specialist for you. We understand that each individual person has a unique cause for their pain. This is why we spend the time with our patients to understand their condition and offer the best possible treatment options to address their condition.

Their are many causes of back pain. Muscles, joints, discs, nerves, and all of the structures that surround the spine can cause pain. Simple examination procedures can help us understand which of these structures may be causing your pain. If needed, we can order special imaging to have a look inside your body to allow us to understand more.