Chiropractic Services

We always strive to deliver the highest quality care possible.

Spinal manipulation is widely used for the treatment of the spine. This includes back pain, neck pain, and headaches. The conditions can be acute or chronic. It is also frequently utilized to treat pain in other areas, such as the shoulders, knees, and the jaw. Some physicians promote “comprehensive chiropractic care” as a means of staying healthy. This approach may include diet, exercise, and supplements, along with regular manipulation. Spinal manipulation has been evaluated scientifically to determine its efficacy, as well as its costs comparative to other forms of health care. Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation has many different types of specialists who treat the spine. We are located in St. George, UT.

Our specialists understand that every patient is unique. Every condition is unique. We will take the time necessary to get to the root of your spine pain. Because we offer many different treatment options, we are able to treat every spine related condition. If you woke up with neck pain, or need a spine surgery consultation, we can help. You haven’t got time for the pain. Call us or click on the “schedule an appointment” tab in the “contact” section of our website to schedule your appointment today.

Services at our facility include access to:

    • Spine Specific Rehabilitation
    • Chiropractic Care
    • Spine Surgery
    • Post Spine Surgery Rehabilitation
    • Massage Therapy
    • Pain Management
    • Spinal Injections
    • Lumbar Spine Traction
    • Cervical Spine Traction

Our Services:

Chiropractic Care

Even if you’re not sick, regular chiropractic care maintains the integrity of the spine and nervous system to help prevent health problems.


Spine Specific Rehab

With the guidance and expertise provided by Advanced Spine & Rehab, chiropractic care can address many issues related to spine specific rehabilitation.


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is an amazing treatment to release tension in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves using a variety of hands-on techniques.